Richmond Virginia petty larceny laws

Like other cities in the country, Richmond also has thieves. Theft is a very common crime all over the US. The laws of thievery and larceny are different in every state. You should know these laws so that you can file the case against the individual who commits the crime. Petty larceny in Richmond is a type of larceny which occurs if someone steals from you directly property worth $5 or steals from you and deprives you of your property worth $200 and not more. This act of crime is punishable by law. The person who commits will serve imprisonment or pay a Fine or can serve both punishments. In any case, if you are a victim of a Petty Larceny theft, you should take legal help and make sure that you ask the law to enforce punishment on the culprit. To ask the law and enforce punishment you need legal help. You cannot go to the court without a lawyer. You also need to know the Richmond Virginia petty larceny laws. Once you know the laws and have an attorney to help you with the case, only then you can make sure that the culprit receives the punishment.

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Petty larceny in Richmond Virginia

When you are in Richmond, you need to know that petty larceny is punishable by a Fine which does not exceed $2500 or imprisonment in jail which does not exceed 12 months period. It is not an absolute punishment. It means that the judge may give a punishment of 3 or 4 months ask for a Fine of $1000. The punishment depends on the case and the criminal’s record.

Petty larceny will occur if the theft is less than $5 when it is personal. If someone steals from you directly, it is larceny under the law. If the amount exceeds $200, it is not petty larceny it becomes grand larceny.

How to file a case for petty larceny in Richmond Virginia?

You need to understand the difference between petty larceny and grand larceny. Hiring one of our criminal defense attorney’s will surely make you understand the larceny laws and go through the entire court and lawsuit process. You just have to give us the information, and we will handle the entire case. Our price is also not too high. Our charges are quite competitive. Our services are brilliant and timely. When you hire us, you will not have any problem in making payment. We are flexible and allow various means of payment. You can pay us using debit cards, credit cards, bank wires, etc.