Domestic Violence Attorney Loudoun

Domestic violence is considered serious charge in Loudon. Domestic violence cases are emotionally charged, and to handle them is difficult both at the level of legal and personal. If you are facing such offensive charges, it is crucial to take assistance and advice of our experienced domestic violence Attorney Loudoun. The attorney of domestic violence go through the case with rational and knowledgeable perception, and at the same time appreciate the concerns of client. They put immense efforts to get fruitful results and satisfy clients’ concerns over a case.

Domestic Violence in Loudoun

Our domestic violence Attorney Loudoun possesses sound experience in cases related to domestic violence. Their expertise of attorneys enables them to share their perspective through which you get to know in detail about domestic violence. The consequences of domestic violence are elucidated in terms of assault or battery applied towards family or member of the household. It has been observed that legal complications attached with domestic violence cases are hard to comprehend, especially for those who are unaware of legal issues. Moreover, the inclusion of family members such as wife, sister, brother, husband or household members such as girlfriend or boyfriend becomes difficult to understand the legal perspective where an accused person has to involve these relationships. Besides criminal charges, one has to face emotional charges with the emergence of such domestic violence cases. Here, it is highly advisable to take the help of our domestic violence Attorney Loudoun to get yourself some relief from harsh and painful consequences.

 Penalty for Domestic Violence in Loudoun

It is considered that domestic violence in Loudoun is a Class 1 misdemeanor, and it requires a person to spend 12 years of imprisonment with a fine of $2,500.

Probation in Domestic Violence

In domestic violence, it is considered penalty in first offense case. It has been seen in many cases that first offense and domestic violence is not considered as aggravated cases.  The court assumes that first offense in which a person attends anger management program and accomplish some community services. In two years, an individual keeps away from such offenses; the case is dismissed by the court. These aspects can be understood with the assistance of our domestic violence Attorney Loudoun as an attorney has in-depth knowledge about legal rules and regulations.

Protective Orders

It is important to know that the occurrence of domestic violence cannot stop court to issue a protective order within the 72 hours of an incident. In this way, victim of domestic violence gets the opportunity to ask for the extension of a protective order from 2 to 2 years. It assures immediate safety of victim from an offender. Our domestic violence Attorney Loudoun helps to give advice that is beneficial to protect clients throughout the case relevant to domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Attorney Loudoun

Those accuse for the crime of domestic violence in Loudoun makes the attorney to tell three important things to clients such as:

  • Avoid making contact with the alleged victim
  • Provide the names of those who witness the situation
  • Ask person to tell in detail about the whole incident.

Thus, our lawyers of Loudoun put immense efforts to know about every single fact that can make the case strong to defend their clients