Virginia Robbery laws

Robbery is a heinous crime and can involve violence too depending upon circumstances. The state of Virginia takes this crime seriously and has appointed some stringent laws regarding the robbery What is a robbery? Robbery is the crime in which someone appropriates something from another using violence or intimidation in people or force in things … Read more

Why should you know the speeding laws in Virginia

You are amazed at what is going on in Virginia in a case-by-case case. Even if you do not live here, you can find that you are traveling for entrepreneurship or fun. Make your mind aware in advance. (The way the Virginia dealings are rapid is thanks to our own Patrick George and Jason Wirth, … Read more

Clarke Virginia DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI (Driving under the influence), DWI (Driving while intoxicated), or any other influence of alcohol due to alcohol consumption, you may lose your license, pay important fines or face imprisonment. A DUI-DWI attorney can also include the factors of a DUI-DWI price, which include Breathalyzer results, blood tests and … Read more

Is Sexting a Sex Crime in Virginia

Virginia Teen Sexting and Child Pornography Laws There are no sexting laws in Virginia, whether you do it with a minor or an adult. Although, if there are a solicitation or pornographic material, then there will be child pornography law. In such situations, solicitation is the crime which occurs most where an individual asks for … Read more

Hit and Runs in Clarke Virginia

A blow and fuss of fate while a person is involved in an accident and the celebration of another birthday can not remain in the scene and value records. Extensively, an individual can also interpret and execute success, and is in a position where it can choose the motive force, and often succeeds and runs … Read more

Virginia Child Custody and Visitation Laws

When two parents separate or divorce, the residence of the child is fixed by mutual agreement or by court order of the family court. There are mainly three types of child residence fixation as per Virginia child custody and visitation laws: Classic: every second weekend and half of the school holidays; Alternate: usually alternately one … Read more

Who can file wrongful death lawsuit in VA

Under Virginia laws, it may be illegal to take false action when personal loss of life occurs due to illegal act, neglect or default on individuals or businesses. If a dead person can report private activity in case of survival, a family member can declare from his / her side that the lie is incorrect. … Read more

Virginia Wrongful Death Actions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death in Virginia Wrongful Death 4 If a 3-year-old birthday party is responsible for the death of one of the loved ones in Virginia, then the remaining circle of relatives is very appropriate to impose unlawful privacy. If the remaining members of the family indicate their case in the court … Read more

Full Protective Orders in Virginia

A protection order is a court order that prohibits the aggressor from approaching, threatening, annoying or harassing the victim in any way. When a judge grants an order of protection, the aggressor cannot pursue the victim in his place of residence, work or study. The full protective orders in Virginia will completely restrict and retrain an … Read more

Virginia Child Custody and Visitation Laws

When two parents separate or divorce, the residence of the child is fixed by mutual agreement or by court order of the family court. There are mainly three types of child residence fixation as per Virginia child custody and visitation laws: Classic: every second weekend and half of the school holidays; Alternate: usually alternately one … Read more

Custody and Visitation Law in Virginia

Determining the custody and visitation of the child is one of the bitterest parts of any divorce. In deciding which parent (or both) gets custody, the court takes into account a multitude of factors as per custody and visitation law in Virginia. In almost every court in every state, the standard is: “The best interests … Read more

Emergency Protective Orders in Virginia

The emergency protective orders in Virginia prohibit the perpetrator of violence from exerting more violence against the survivor, her family or other relevant persons. The emergency order or ex parte provide that the police or courts may order the perpetrator to stay away from the complainant/survivor and their children (and others, if applicable) and from … Read more

Virginia Sexual Assault & Battery Attorneys

As a fundamental issue, the crimes related to the assault are always considered severe due to their violent nature. Even lightly touching another person can result in an assault and battery charge in Virginia. This piece of writing offers an overview of the assault and battery crimes and defenses that Virginia sexual assault & battery … Read more


In Virginia, if you commit any crime or if you are accused of any crime, then your first concern is always the charges you are going to face; whether it’s going to be a felony crime or a misdemeanor charge on you. That’s how Virginia has classified the crimes and its charges. Serious crimes fall … Read more


What is a Felony? In the Commonwealth of Virginia, if you are charged with any crime, you will be judged according to the felonies in the Law. Felony crimes are for serious offenses; it included harsh results and longer sentences in the jail. It can also cost you a heavy fine. If you are charged … Read more

Forcible Sodomy Virginia Lawyer

Sex offence charges in the commonwealth of Virginia come with severe punishments. Such acts vary in their scope and consequences. One such criminal activity that accompanies significant penalties is forcible sodomy. Although forcible sodomy is largely similar offense to rape, it covers varying sexual acts resulting in significant penalties. Thus, the defendant must retain a … Read more

Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

In case you are facing charges related to a sex crime, you need to understand that not only your freedom is at stake. Sex crimes carry a huge stigma and can ruin your reputation, even if you do not condemn it. When faced with sexual assault allegations, you need the help of an experienced and … Read more


What Is the Difference between a Speeding and Reckless Driving Ticket? Reckless driving and speeding ticket are two different crimes. Although a speeding ticket will not get you into a misdemeanor or felony charge but still, it is considered a crime. Reckless driving has the speed limit according to the code of Virginia, but where … Read more

Warren Virginia speeding ticket laws

Every crime is punishable by law. There are many types of laws which the state makes to protect its citizens. One of those laws is the traffic laws. Whenever you are on the road, either driving a bike or a car, you should be aware of the Warren Virginia speeding ticket laws. You may not … Read more

Traffic Lawyers in Virginia Beach

Traffic lawyers in Virginia Beach are the team of skilled, professional, and well-experienced lawyers that have been working for a very long time. Traffic Lawyers in Virginia Beach deal with a wide range of criminal charges from least serious to most severe traffic violation offenses. The traffic violation offenses involve the cases ranging from minor … Read more

Shenandoah Virginia shoplifting laws

It is not wrong to say that if you are living in Shenandoah, then it is very important for you to follow all the rules regarding shoplifting laws. When it comes to following laws in Virginia, then this fact is very necessary to know that a person needs to get rid of all problems by … Read more

Richmond Virginia petty larceny laws

Like other cities in the country, Richmond also has thieves. Theft is a very common crime all over the US. The laws of thievery and larceny are different in every state. You should know these laws so that you can file the case against the individual who commits the crime. Petty larceny in Richmond is … Read more

Prince William Virginia Fraud Laws

Fraud is a broad term that is used for a variety of offenses including dishonesty and fraudulent acts. It is the intentional deception of a person or entity to get monetary or personal gain. A person who is convicted of theft or fraud is charged with felony or misdemeanor. These charges can cause serious consequences … Read more